Tools to design, manage and monitor performance-based and sustainably financed ecosystem restoration and protection projects

Greenfi is a one-stop-shop for environmental project developers and impact investors. We provide digital tools for project design, management and impact monitoring & accounting. Our tools speed up and reduce the cost of ecosystem restoration and protection project implementation.


The Need We Meet 

Environmental project developers - NGOs, companies, governments and funds - want to use sustainable financing mechanisms to support communities and individuals to protect and restore local ecosystems. We meet this need by providing the systems, tools and knowledge needed to design, monitor and sustainably finance local protection and restoration of nature. Unlike our competitors, we support the entire project management cycle with tools which embed multi-disciplinary expertise and best-practice processes.

Business Meeting

Environmental Organisations

We provide our tools and know-how to international and environmental organisations to help them achieve their mission: to restore and protect nature for its own value and to benefit human wellbeing.

Business Meeting

Impact Investors

We use our tools to help impact investors create replicable, reliable and scalable investment opportunities which deliver both financial returns and environmental impact.


Environmental Project Developers

We provide our tools, services and know-how to local or international environmental project developers to help them reduce the cost and speed of design and implementation of sustainably financed ecosystem restoration and protection projects. 


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